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Stand with us, to restore our economy with American made products and to protect our right to self-government and prosperity as guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This could be accomplished in a few months. It is the responsibility of government to ensure the well-being of its people. This administration has failed to protect our manufacturing jobs and right to prosper. Successful leadership is when all who want have a productive job. There are organizations within our government operating in secret and above the law to undermine our right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Stand with our former president, John F. Kennedy, who said it was repugnant for the government of a free nation to operate in secret because that government would undermine its own democracy. Understand that the real wealth of a nation and its people is to be able to manufacture and produce goods. Like fools, we have allowed other countries including communist China to rob us of our real wealth under the lie that free trade would benefit us. We are told our rights to manufacture products in America have been signed away to foreign nations. Who are the bastards that sold us out? It is ridiculous to buy imported goods when we do not have American jobs. If we produced our own products we would have created jobs so we can afford to buy American goods even if they cost a little more. We believe that each nation must be sovereign, self-governing, coin and control its own currency, manage its own affairs and be free from the control of private and foreign money interests. If the Federal Reserve and central banks (both privately owned) regulate your currency, then they also control your economy, your government, and your future. Thus, you have no self-government. When the government and its people do right, they will prosper and be a blessing among other nations.

America was once great and loved by all because America was good. We have forgotten our purpose. You cannot know where you are going unless you understand where you came from. Our founding fathers set us on a course to be great and to bless the world. Study their documents, their beliefs and values and you will know your purpose. Or, follow your baser instincts and go down in disgrace and ruin, hated by other nations.

We are approaching a planned total financial collapse, there must be reform now. Even our education and legal system is in a mess. There is no possible way to stop the meltdown unless we take action now. We must restore the American system of government as established by our founding fathers. They understood our fallen human nature and that history repeats itself, therefore they established a government with checks and balances which we have not lately followed. To remain free and prosperous, we must go back to the government that was envisioned by the founders of this great nation.

After considering the task ahead and the late midnight hour, I have decided to run for governor of Washington State as a write-in candidate. To avoid the problems in both political parties, I choose to run as an independent, working together with people with good ideas in all political groups to restore leadership, our economy, the legal system, and a high standard of education. The actual government is a necessary liability for the protection of its people, therefore we must stream-line and limit its size to that which is only necessary. By streamlining our government and backing the private business sector we can rebuild our economy. By simplifying the court system we can move justice quickly. By returning education control back to the parents, we can achieve excellence in education. By helping people away from government dependence we can make them responsible for themselves. And by restructuring our prison system we can restore many lives, greatly lower the crime rate and protect our children from predators. I leave some thoughts with you hoping you will think on them:

1. The real and only dollar wealth of a nation and its people is converting raw materials into products by educated and skilled people. Get your manufacturing and production back or you will end up in poverty. Guarantee your financial future by farming, manufacturing, mining, research and development, etc.

2. All goods purchased with our tax dollars need to be produced in our country by American workers. Preferably small businesses first. That way jobs stay here.

3. Why would people working in sweat shops throughout the world love Americans knowing those goods that they produce are shipped to America for our enjoyment while they themselves can’t afford to buy what they labored over? We ought to be ashamed!

4. Poverty and lack of opportunities breed crime; therefore we must build a nation of prospering people. Protect and enlarge the middle class. It is the responsibility of government to ensure the well being of its people. They have purposely failed!

5. Trickle- down economics has never worked. The economy must grow from the bottom up. The government must grant low interest loans or credit to re-tool and restart small American businesses and family farms. It is time for government to bail out small businesses, not international banks and financial institutions that created this mess.

6. Never accept a cashless system. You will become a slave to the elite wealthy few. They will control your finances. Barter and trade if you must. He who controls the paperless money system can create any account, accomplish their evil plans, and then erase the account. No one would be the wiser because the account now does not exist. But neither did the money. It must have real backing guaranteed in real assets!

7. Rebuild simple, low-cost, safe infrastructure projects needed to expand our economy such as roads, dams, oil refineries, irrigation canals, etc.

8. Debt reduction, as the dollar and our economy shrink, so should your debts. You did not cause this economic collapse, the government, central banks, and the Federal Reserve (a private bank) did. So why are we being punished with massive losses? So, each year until our economy again is prosperous: a. Allow each person to reduce 25% of all legal debts up to $100,000 per person minus your last year’s taxable income. b. Let the government also cancel 25% of each of its debts equal to the total amount of all cancelled citizen debts. These two steps would be justifiable because your debt was based on paper monies issued by the lender with no assets of equal value to back that loan. That, my friend, is against the law, getting something from you for nothing.

9. In a civilized nation, it is time to take care of our citizens, including our military and their dependents who are struggling in a failing economy caused by our government and the large financial institutions. Therefore, it would be wrong not to help those in trouble.

a. For those who are forced into foreclosure or bankruptcy, we would ask for a court order lowering the monthly loan payment which would be based on the now income to be re-evaluated every six months.

b. If it is the only property you own that is being foreclosed upon, instead of losing the property, let the court set up a lower affordable payment on the remaining principle, free of interest and penalty. No one loses their only property of 10 acres or less. Part off any portion over 10 acres to sell. In time, lenders will get their money but with no profit, but NO ONE LOSES.

c. Base contract payments on 10 payments a year. Roll back the 2 months to the end of the contract without additional interest or penalty. This will free up two months of no payments so you may have time to enjoy personal interests for two months without financial stress. Let monthly payments on all future contracts be based on 10 payments per year. Let us make time to enjoy life more often.

10. Social security was based on our good paying jobs now overseas, therefore put a 10% tax on all imports to pay a decent retirement for our senior citizens: To all legal American citizens age 60 and 61, $1000/month, age 62, $1200/month, age 63, $1300/month, age 64, $1400/month, and age 65 and up $1500/month or more . This amount is to be subtracted from the previous years’ taxable income over $20,000. This way our poor seniors are cared for honorably. Eliminate the social security tax on wage earners and devise a fair health plan for all.

11. Pay farmers to produce a seven year supply of food to hedge against famine or wars. Produce another seven year supply of food to trade for peace and to buy back enemy weapons. Why should one out of every six Americans go to bed hungry?

12. We may be over-crowded in some cities, but we are not over-populated. All of the people in the world in families of four living on an average city house lot would fit in the state of Texas. Do the math. Relocate your home and businesses to rural areas. That way trillions of dollars won’t have to be spent to expand congested highways which will be freed up for shipping goods.

13. All life is a gift from the Creator. Human life is the most important. It must be protected from those who would destroy that life.

14. For those who want to eliminate much of the world’s population, lead the way by eliminating yourself first or shut up and act intelligent for once.

15. We will gladly pay for a one way ticket out of America to anyone who is against our American system of government and freedoms as established by our Constitution of the United States and our Bill of Rights. Rep. Alan West states there are over 75 communist in our congress.

16. Make welfare workfare. Any who need welfare must report to a meeting place to: a. Get their basic food staples, not food stamps or vouchers. b. Take turns babysitting theirs and other welfare kids. c. Learn a skill so they can support themselves. d. Be sent out actively seeking a job to earn their living. e. Every hour you miss is deducted from your welfare pay check. We know you need some help, but it is not right be forcefully taxed, so you can sit at home while we work hard, struggling to feed our family. It’s time for you to provide for your own living.

18. Learn from nature. Animals do not have sex with the same sex. It is unnatural. Males only mate with females. An 80 year study has concluded that there is no biological defect that would cause that type of human behavior. One is turned over to a reprobate mind (a mind that cannot reason right from wrong, truth from error). This practice can only be psychological, immoral, or demonic. Tens of thousands have escaped its grip. Get your head out of someone’s butt and renew your mind to the right kind of thinking. What next? Rapist, sexual predators, and sexual mutilators will demand their perversions to be accepted. How far into immoral perversions do you wish to decline? These practices, including those with animals, are a perversion of that which is moral and natural. Study history; nations that go this way are quickly destroyed. Not much of a future for our kids. It’s your choice to play in a sewer, but don’t demand to splash on me or my kids. This is a politically and morally correct statement. We love these people, but hate their wickedness. Kids will kiss the nose of a pet, but they don’t lick its butt, so why do you do it to another adult? It’s called vile afflictions! Furthermore, it is not the natural use of the woman. Figure it out! Some things are just not natural and cannot be truly normalized no matter what. Think it thru. The fact that one uses artificial means to stimulate their partner tells us its not natural or normal.

19. Again, learn from nature; a child left alone will grow up wild. If we train and discipline animals, why would we not train our children since we love them more? Only a fool who does not love children would do such a harmful evil to the child.

20. It is the right and responsibility of parents to teach, discipline and guide their children. Therefore, replace the failed public school system with a voucher system. If the student fails to cooperate and is dismissed, the voucher money will remain until the student is serious about obtaining an education however long it takes. Reward good students with a matching college fund. Parents can then choose public, private, religious, military, on-line, charter or home school. Require the students to pass a standardized test. This voucher system would save billions of dollars. Going from 3rd highest to nearly below half the other nations in education is not education excellence. Stop throwing good money into a failed education system. I put my three children in private school for the price of one in public school. We can do much better for our kids. At least allot the students in non-public schools their share of the tax collected for education.

20. Listen parents, rules without relationships lead to rebellion. Now you know why your children are so rebellious. Family, not money, is the most important.

21. In each of us there is a struggle between spirit and flesh (good and evil). It is our duty and moral obligation to do right. Which side are you on?

22. The idea of unisex is very damaging to the young who need a clear identification of the sexes as they are developing into male and female. Do not confuse them.

23. Man has a fallen nature. Control your baser instincts or passions by not feeding them. If you don’t, your baser passions will destroy you and lead you into a life ruled by addictions.

24. Drugs, alcohol, permissive sexual behavior, and rebellion take away the heart for truth. You cannot have virtues unless you reason (think) things thru for the best possible choices. Making so many wrong choices ruins your life and your happiness.

25. In the entire world, there is only one of you, that makes you very special, so be the real you. Learn to think and follow your own dream as you reach out and help others.

26. A highly educated individual who has no common sense, moral discretion, and lacks the ability to think, reason and search out truth is the highest level of stupidity. Learn to think. Learn and embrace wisdom. It is there for you to gather, so be wise.

27. For thousands of years people have wondered what aliens are. Any Bible scholar knows they are fallen angels and demons whose purpose is to deceive the people into worshipping Satan, the god of this world, instead of worshipping the God of creation. They have power to abduct you whenever they choose, even against your will. These filthy defiling demons will lead you into a self-gratifying life-style of immoral activities that are against the teachings of Jesus Christ and the true church. These demons will lead you away from the truth and cause you to justify what you are doing as so right, but it is not. In the near future, when the true church is taken at the rapture, these aliens will appear in mass numbers, claiming to save our world from self-destruction. At this time, these aliens are not allowed to appear in mass numbers. The great deception in coming. Some within our government, involved in this occult, hide this truth from the citizens.

Please help restore our nation and its economy. It is possible to have a prosperous economy in a few months. A few will not allow the people to live in prosperity. It’s time to stand up for America. My name is THOMAS GRAJKOWSKI. I am a write-in candidate for governor of the state of Washington. A one world government controlled by a few elite is being forced upon us. As a patriotic American, I am totally opposed to this insider take-over. As the governor of Washington State, I will defend your rights as guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights. I love these United States of America and fought to defend her in an unpopular Viet Nam War. What I say is true, and there will be threats on my life. I must stand for that which is truth and set a course for the betterment of my fellow Americans. Help me get our Washington state government back under "We the people" so we and our children can enjoy a wholesome and free future. About myself, I am 39 years married with three grown children. I graduated from college, own a small business, pastor a church, and help others back to the right path for life. My heroes are the moms and dads who struggle and sacrifice to raise their children to maturity no matter what the cost or what others do. They are the ones who truly love children. Thank you my heroes.

Corrections must be made at the federal and state levels. If you agree, stand with me for our future. Please:

1) Email and face book a clear copy to all your friends in Washington State and across America.
2) Let all know I am a write-in candidate for governor of the state of Washington.
3) Display a flag (bumper sticker too) with a big hole in it or fly it upside down as a sign that our nation is in trouble and needs our help. If we don’t fix our country, we won’t have a country or a flag.
4) The max campaign contribution I will accept is $100 from individuals and $1000 from businesses and organizations. I believe in limiting campaign funds and term limits.

I really don’t want funds, but beg for your help to warn others of our nation’s impending crisis.

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