Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We Are Ready For Change


FAILED Schools  FAILED Courts  FAILED Prisons

MORE Foreclosures MORE Taxes MORE Spending


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Vote For Change

Please help restore our nation and its economy. It is possible to have a prosperous economy in a few months. A few will not allow the people to live in prosperity. It’s time to stand up for America. My name is THOMAS GRAJKOWSKI. I am a write-in candidate for governor of the state of Washington. A one world government controlled by a few elite is being forced upon us. As a patriotic American, I am totally opposed to this insider take-over. As the governor of Washington State, I will defend your rights as guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights. I love these United States of America and fought to defend her in an unpopular Viet Nam War. What I say is true, and there will be threats on my life. I must stand for that which is truth and set a course for the betterment of my fellow Americans. Help me get our Washington state government back under "We the people" so we and our children can enjoy a wholesome and free future. About myself, I am 39 years married with three grown children. I graduated from college, own a small business, pastor a church, and help others back to the right path for life. My heroes are the moms and dads who struggle and sacrifice to raise their children to maturity no matter what the cost or what others do. They are the ones who truly love children. Thank you my heroes.

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Stand For Our Future


P.O. BOX 7997



Corrections must be made at the federal and state levels. If you agree, stand with me for our future. Please:
1) Email and face book a clear copy to all your friends in Washington State and across America.
2) Let all know I am a write-in candidate for governor of the state of Washington.
3) Display a flag (bumper sticker too) with a big hole in it or fly it upside down as
a sign that our nation is in trouble and needs our help. If we don’t fix our country,
we won’t have a country or a flag.
4) The max campaign contribution I will accept is $100 from individuals and $1000 from businesses and organizations. I believe in limiting campaign funds and term limits. I really don’t want funds, but beg for your help to warn others of our nation’s impending crisis.

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What good is our Flag if we Don't have a Country?


I FOUGHT for this Flag. This Flag flew over the White House, and the same Flag was draped over a comrades coffin. DON'T TOUCH IT! I've EARNED the right to display this Flag as I CHOOSE. I hope my display makes you MAD AS HELL and you got the BRAINS to realize that they've nearly taken OUR COUNTRY from us. STAND UP and be an AMERICAN with a BACKBONE.

What good is our Flag if we Don't have a Country?  

IS There Not A Cause?

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